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  • height:
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  • suit:
    40" R
  • shoe:
    11.5 US
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Ryheem is a gifted actor, comedian, model, and competitor in the NPC (National Physique Committee) and the IFBB (International Federaton of bodybuilding and Fitness) Men’s Physique division. In his few short years in the industry, he has starred in a web series and an indie film. He’s also won 1st place and the overall in the NPC/IFBB Men’s Physique bodybuilding competition, sweeping all 3 of his divisions, which was not only a formidable feat, it also qualified him to compete nationally and earn his professional IFBB card as a Men’s Physique competitor and athlete. In addition to all that , he’s also been featured in several magazines, as well as a male model calendar, and did stand-up comedy shows in Philly, Baltimore, DC, and New York. He is only my second, in over a dozen models that I have coached and managed, to achieve so many accolades. Ryheem is truly a testatment to determination, hard work, and God-given talent.